• Some Thoughts on Body Image

    Here’s another old piece of writing from me. This was originally shared on my personal mailing list under the title “No. 4: The Physical, the Conceptual, the Tattooed Body” in July 2015, but after a long, dark winter, I needed to revisit it. If you’re in a similar place, I hope this helps. The original content warning still applies: body image issues can be triggering for many people, so please give this a pass if you’re not in a good place to consider that sort of subject matter.

  • Four Simple Rules for Men

    I published this quasi-misandrist manifesto on my now-defunct Tumblr a few years back, under the title “4 Simple Rules for Men Not To Be Garbage Humans.” I wrote it in a fit of pique and frustration after seeing some men I regarded pretty highly do and say surprisingly discourteous things in my presence, posted it up online, and promptly forgot it existed… until a few days ago, when I got a notification about a reply to the post.

  • A (Pointed) Guide to Beer

    The slideshow below contains my slides from LRUG’s 13 February lightning talk meet-up. If you missed the meet-up, I’d highly recommend watching some of the talks at that link—particularly Lola’s talk about finding your dream job, and Paul’s bizarre journey through balanced ternary. I would not, however, recommend watching my talk. If you’d like to learn a bit about beer, the outline here will give you a decent overview and touch on everything included in the talk. If you’d like to learn about why I hated giving a talk and never want to do it again, well, there’s a place for that too.

  • On the Cult of Giving Talks

    I recently gave my first—and quite possibly, last—talk at a tech meet-up. While I’m grateful to LRUG for the opportunity to speak, and to the London Ruby community for being a charitable audience, giving a talk wasn’t an experience I enjoyed. I have conflicted feelings about this realisation, which I’m sharing in case others find themselves in a similar position.

  • Welcome to Jekyll!

    I started out following the quick-start guide on Jekyll docs:

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